If you think that you do not need to regularly clean your chimney, think again. Without regular chimney service, you are putting your safety at risk! Dirty chimneys are fire hazards and are unable to properly vent carbon monoxide gases. Ensure that your home remains safe during the coldest months of the year by having Arlington Chimney Sweep provide you with fireplace service!

With every sweep, we also thoroughly inspect our customers’ chimneys for signs of damage, structural integrity, and other safety issues. If our sweep finds any damages or other areas of concern, we will bring them to your attention and discuss repair and treatment options.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and take great strides to do the job right the first time. We are CSIA certified and insured, which provides all our customers with safeguards and peace of mind. If you need chimney cleaning, contact Arlington Chimney Sweep. Protect your family, protect your home. Contact us before soot buildup causes structural or fire damages to your property!

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We all know that fireplaces provide the perfect setting gathering, conversation, and generally to relax and experience comfort. But how will you know that your chimney is in a good shape? Well, the following questions should be asked:

  • When was the last time you had the flue sweep?
  • Have you tested it for smoke integrity to make sure that there are no cracks or faults developed?
  • Are toxic gasses escaping?

Remember, your fireplace is a potential hazard and problems may remain unnoticed. Some of the issues that should be avoided include inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, blockages, smoke leaks, tar build up, and more. Regularly cleaning your chimney will diminish the risk of carbon monoxide buildup in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas with the potential to poison and suffocate humans.

A chimney really is a household exhaust pipe for soot, hot smoke ashes, gasses, and sparks. That is why sweeping should be a very necessary component of home maintenance. You need to have a minimum of one chimney sweep for a year and at least twice a year if your fireplace is used often.

A modern and sealed sweep can make sure that your fireplace flue is secure and free from bird nests, soot and creosote buildups, and any other debris that could probably fall from the chimney pot.


In case you have a brick fireplace, it requires to be cleaned from dirty smoke, soot, and other dangerous debris. Cleaning bricks sometimes may cause some damage, so extra care should be observed. To get your brick chimney back to life, we incorporate some of the next methods.

Soap and Water

Using soap and warm water is the most common method, along with using a cleaning brush or cloth and elbow grease. We usually start the job from the top and work our way down, ensuring that we cover the floor to avoid the dirt and grime from spreading. For more difficult areas, we can use liquid soap and baking powder to clean the bricks and protect them at the same time.

Acid Bath

When it comes to standard red brick, we can also use a mild acid wash to deal with tough areas. The most common product is muriatic acid diluted in tenth parts of water. After applying the acid and cleaning the chimney, we wash the surface with water to remove the cleaning material.

Oxygen Based Bleach

The oxygen-based bleach can be used in many kinds of surfaces. We usually use a scrubbing brush to apply the bleach. Afterwards, we rinse the chimney with water to remove the cleaning material from the brick.


Residential chimney cleaning is fast, simple, and completely safe with us. However, there is more to the chimney cleaning process than just scrubbing off soot and grime. There are several steps our sweep specialists take to guarantee a deep clean and to ensure that your chimney will continue to operate in a trouble-free manner for years to come.

In addition to cleaning residential chimneys, Arlington Chimney Sweep also services commercial properties! Our commercial fireplace cleaning service is just as thorough and professional as our residential services.

Furthermore, we understand that your commercial property might be your place of business. That is why our commercial chimney cleaning service is completed quickly, efficiently, and in a non-invasive manner. This means we remove soot without making a mess or disturbing your employees or customers!


Our company has 15 years of experience properly assisting our customers with their fireplace care and maintenance needs. We are a family owned and operated business that services all of Arlington and surrounding areas. We take great pride in our work and treat our customers with honesty and respect.

We also take great pride in our integrity. There are several companies out there that upsell customers on parts and services that they do not need. At Arlington Chimney Sweep, we call this practice “Chimscam” and find it deplorable. We refuse to operate our business in such an unprofessional, deceitful, and manipulative way.

Contact us to be your trusted chimney care professionals! Our customer service representative will provide you with a free estimate!